New ideas are not necessarily based on conducting research and its findings. New ideas can be based on non-scientific, not-researched, or under-researched ideas. In the fields of management and business, we have witnessed a great number of persons who have new ideas but were not able to express it in the community of researchers. The students of management and business come up with ideas but they cannot express them because of the lack of any journal which is exclusively devoted to expressing new ideas or due to the fact that they cannot express their ideas in the format of journals which are dominantly in the format of experimental studies. Similarly, executive managers experience problems in their business; they generate a new idea for solving a tangible problem they have encountered in their workplace but they cannot introduce their new idea because of journals’ strict policy regarding the format of articles submitted.

Generally, the journals accept experimental studies and unfortunately reject other genres of papers which do not adhere to the common format of articles. This trend discourages persons who have new brilliant ideas which result in getting the idea nipped in the bud, while the world is full of ideas which get buried with their owners.

“New World, New Business: A JOURNAL OF IMAGINATIVE BUSINESS IDEAS” is exclusively devoted to providing a platform for persons to express their novel ideas to introduce the possible future trends in expanding management and business and be a source of inspiration for future researchers and executive managers.