Canadian Institute for Knowledge Development (CIKD) is an international, multi-disciplinary research, publishing, consulting and training non-profit institute which is one of the most expert institutions of its kind.
It is committed to organizing and developing educational events and conferences in different fields. It also encourages who wish to participate in academic conferences, and publish in peer-reviewed journals.
CIKD also has in-depth activities related to publishing academic journals and proceedings. This institute also develops quality business and finance research. In this filed the institute aims to provide educators, business leaders, and public-sector decision-makers with applied and in-depth research in the fields of business trends in general and economy, finance, information technology and marketing and in particular. The research which is being conducted by CIKD specialists results in some certain outcomes which are very helpful for business leaders, state and local government agencies, public and private researchers, industrial organizations and chambers of commerce.
This institute also holds series of courses with the highest academic and applied qualification available, especially in the fields of business, economy, finance, marketing, research methods and information technology. We plan to provide solutions in our training programs which will allow learners the opportunity to learn how to solve the real -world problems and achieve new skills.
– What we do in brief
  • Publishes journals
  • Hold conferences and events
  • Conduct and provide research
  • Organize professional trainings
CIKD seeks to promote the quality of education by offering professional courses, holding related conferences and conducting research.
  • Mission
Our mission is to expand, deepen and spread knowledge, understanding and expertise in different fields of science. We are committed to facilitate the required conditions for new knowledge dissemination, promote brilliant ideas, and provide high quality services to expand relationship between the researchers, technicians, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.
  • Vision
To achieve high global position in knowledge creation and expansion and to help the development of knowledge sharing as an effective tool for better future
  • Aims and Objectives
Canadian Institute for Knowledge Development aims:
  • To identify new areas of study and research which is needed for development
  • To offer the opportunity to create and expand network with other professionals and generate ideas to keep experts on a leading position in the competitive world
  • To create a conductive environment for knowledge and experience sharing
  • To offer efficient solutions for sharing scientific and experimental findings in various fields
  • To conduct world class research and to offer holistic and realistic consultancy services
  • To work effectively with universities, institutions and organizations, in order to conduct outstanding research and trainings;
  • To provide comprehensive, holistic, high-quality and evidence-based trainings which nourishes strengths of learners in a diverse and inspiring environment